Supply Lists

Individual Classroom Supply Lists
The Dieck Elementary teaching staff has provided classroom supply lists so parents can help prepare their child for the new school year each fall. These supply lists can also be reviewed at different points throughout the year as some children may need to replenish certain items. 
The teachers are also very grateful for any individual student supply donations from the Dieck Elementary community to ensure all students are fully equipped each day.
General classroom supplies, such as tissues and hand sanitizer, help keep each classroom healthy and safe each day and are also noted on most supply lists. Any help that our families can provide with keeping our classrooms well stocked with these items is also greatly appreciated!
The individual classroom supply lists are available for review or download by clicking on any of the featured links below:
Parents - Please use the lists available on this web page to  review or download.
If you need assistance, please contact the Dieck Elementary Office at (810) 591-5270.